Jo Smith Creative Prices



Prices are in New Zealand dollars or Great Britan pounds. All prices include shipping. Please allow 10 days for shipping (especially to NZ), and at least 1 week to complete the artwork.

Map, mandala style.

Request any continent, country or state (does not include world map). Can also do this style in any object, flower or animal.

A2 $90 (£55)

A3 $70 (£40)

A4 $45 (£30)

A5 $25 (£15)

Flower, zentangle style.

Request any flower, object or animal.

A2 $90 (£55)

A3 $70 (£40)

A4 $45 (£30)

A5 $25 (£20)

Quote, floral banner.

Request any quote to be the centre of a floral banner.

A4 $55 (£35)

A5 $35 (£25)

Single mandalas.

Request any colour, coloured paper and style inspiration.

A4 $35 (£25)

A5 $15 (£10)

For all requests please email or message Giggly Design on Facebook.

I look forward to working with you!

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