February ’17

Hello all,

So it’s now been a month that I arrived in England. I cannot believe how quickly it has gone. The first 2 weeks seemed to go on FOREVER! But now I am much more settled, I feel like I can now grow and do what God called me here to do.

What has God called you here to do though? Great question…I don’t know, haha. I have spent a few nights calling out to God asking why I am here. But I had to keep reminding myself that I’ve only been here a month! I’ve got at least 8 more to go, maybe even more. Youth group so far is only on every fortnight, but this could change. I have been working on a plan for the next term, which is very exciting. I love that I am able to guide these youth in their relationships with God, and be right there influencing them. So I have picked topics that will show, these fairly new Christians, how to have a relationship with Jesus. A book called ‘Immeasurably more’ by Cris Rogers really sparked this idea. It is such a great book, I definitely recommend you read it.

I am doing A LOT of design work, which I love. We have just set up Instagram, stockportfamilychurch, which you are more than welcome to follow. Pretty much everything that will be put up on there will be mine. I am working on a new logo, which will be out in the next month (hopefully). Plus I am creating promotional material for upcoming events. The next big thing, after the logo, will be the website. It really needs an upgrade, and this will be my job!

I am only working 2 days a week, so I have plenty of time off. To fill this time I am doing a few other things. Life group, volunteering at Olive Cafe, serving at Alpha, and of course youth group. Olive Cafe is a Christian not-for-profit cafe in Edgely. I am going to be volunteering there on the coffee machine, serving customers and most exciting of all…baking!! This will be great to get up my experience in baking in a commercial environment so that if I get a 2nd job later on, I will have the experience to work in a bakery.

Other than that I have a lot of spare time. I am trying to go walking every day, as there is so much to see, plus it gets me outside. I am spending a lot of time in the Word, which is so epic! And I have been doing a fair few drawings. Follow josmithcreative on instagram to see them all.

What’s God been teaching me? Patience. There is so much I want to get stuck into, there is so much that I want to happen, but everything takes time. In one of my quiet times recently, from a bible plan called Daring Faith, it said this:

Each step to our destination is an important one. If we try to skip over necessary steps, it will only lead to unnecessary pain. 

So I feel encouraged that things might be a bit slow now, or I have to do the little things before I can reach the big stuff.

In other news…it snowed yesterday. It was very exciting!

Anyway, thank you for reading my blog! Keep up to date with what I am doing through instagram and snapchat, that’s where I post most often. Thanks again, see you next time (:

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